Bonebroke, Exil 51 a The Scoffers


Klub Vlak, sobota 24. 9. 2011
Přijďte se vyslechnout rockový nářez v podání libereckých kapel Exil 51 a the Scoffers a pražsko-liberecké kapely Bonebroke.

Bonebroke, Exil 51 a The Scoffers
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  • What awesome truth! Thank you Eric. The times that I had devired life from the words of Jesus have been the times that I was most satisfied in God, and was most aware of His presence in, and plan for, my life or even when he was just reminding me gently and joyfully that HE is in control of our circumstances. (Thank goodness for that, right?) These are also the times that I feel the most spiritually healthy and in-tune with what God is saying to me. It seems to me, after thinking a bit, I noticed this flow: Influence > Stewardship > HeartThis article is a great reminder that it’s important to manage the culture, or environment, with great levels of care & respect and keeping a watchful eye on what we say and how we say it. Even if well-intentioned, things can be hurtful to someone. Sarcasm is a good example of this. Even our body language and tone of voice can say the opposite of what our words do. No matter where we are, we have influence on some level (or we are thermostats, if we are talking in Habitude ), so it’s important that we live our lives, constantly asking God to shape us, and mold us into who He created us to be, so we can love Him more and be a fantastic influence on the environment in which we lead. Can you believe that He calls you and me to be the creators of environments where His glory can be pointed to? What a great calling!Now it comes to stewardship. Do we place much value in being good stewards of the calling placed before us? Are we going to sporadically spread the seeds, or are we going to be intentional about creating these environments (as Jess pointed out) to steward this opportunity well? If there isn’t an understanding that the role we have been put in is a gracious gift, the likelihood of a healthy environment being created is low. But if we rejoice in the fact that this is a huge chance for us to play a part in the Kingdom of God, the chances are that we will steward our leadership well and create healthy environments! How is it that people become to be good, pure, honest stewards of these opportunities? Now it comes to, and I think is rooted in, heart condition. Does my, or your, heart want to respond to these opportunities because our heart cries out for His will to be done, or because we want approval in the eyes of men? It’s been a battle for me, and still can be a battle from time to time. The truth is, that the environment we create will be a direct product of the relationship we keep with the Lord. As we pursue God, our desire will continuously become more and more to see His glory be made known, not to seek the approval of man. It will be an outflow. And as leaders, we carry a weight that comes along with that responsibility.This is a great exercise. I feel examined, and healthier because of it. Looking forward to seeing the takeaways of everyone else!

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  • I agree with Jonathan^. Great post, Eric. The last paragraph is what resonated with me the most out of all of it. Often times we think if something’s not going the way we thought or expected it to go, we assume “the Lord is not in it,” and we abort the mission altogether. However, that’s often not the case. As leaders, rather than simply give up we must instead cultivate the soil to produce a healthy, thriving, life-giving environment. As we rely on God for our provision and direction, we may experience a seemingly “dead” environment come to life. He does have a pesky habit of raising life from death. Another thing that hit me is the importance of being intentional. If the farmer just casually dumped his bag of seeds wherever, of course there would be little-to-no growth. As leaders, we really need to be constantly assessing the soil and adding water/pruning vines as necessary (so to speak). We can’t just show up and expect great things to happen. But again, if we’re relying on the Father and are rooted in His Word and are obedient to His voice, we will take initiative and take the necessary steps to make sure every aspect of our lives points to Him.

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